As a multimedia artist, I am a celebration of imperfections, shaped by my identity as a queer, Latin mixed-race individual with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. My artistic journey began in 2005 when I graduated from the Social Communications school at Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil, discovering my passion for photography and graphic design.
In my work, I intentionally embrace and celebrate imperfections, allowing them to exist as they are. Through my lens, I explore the dynamic interplay between people, nature, and the multifaceted outcomes it generates—themes such as identity, racism, natural impact, and social justice. 
There is among us, Latin Americans, a culture of touch. Therefore, my photographs are textured, earthy, and tactile, like a collection of "memories upon memories." I create photographs that invite viewers to contemplate, touch, and be part of the ever-evolving landscape of human experience. My work delves into therapeutic questions such as loss, grief, and self-esteem, welcoming viewers to join me through vibrant images that mirror the fusion of my diverse background.
Having lived in five countries and fluent in three languages, my art is a homage to the richness of cultural diversity while confronting societal norms, particularly the colonization of bodies and souls. With a background in journalism and programming, I navigate the crossroads of art, technology, the avant-garde, and the natural world. All of that while celebrating the human experience and expressions.
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